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Fact: 50-75% of potential customers who browse your site leave without buying. Recent surveys also show nearly 50% of consumers avoid online shopping because of identity theft concerns. These customers would rather speak to a live person.

Let our trained Call Center representatives close sales for you! Give your browsers the option to speak with a live person who can sell your products and answer their questions.  Available 24/7 for sales and infomercials and customer service. 

 Using Internet Online Order Taking or our equipment, a critical aspect of your direct marketing campaign or on-line initiative is the ability to accept customer orders. When a potential customer has made a decision to purchase from an ad or infomercial, you need to provide multiple support channels for that customer to place an order efficiently, simply, and in a friendly environment.

Answer 1st Call Center Services enables your customers to place an order by simply calling a  number. We can handle any call volume and any size of product catalog, from a single product to large catalog order taking 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. For your convenience we also staff Bilingual Customer Service Representatives.

Our Call Center staff will help customize a script that will lead your customer smoothly and quickly through the buying process or you may create your own script. These scripts have built in screens based on keywords about your service that results in high customer satisfaction upon the completion of the call.   

Intelligent info pages can be setup to display a web page.  We can place an order for a caller directly to your site.  Displaying a web page allows our call center staff to view on-line information on a real-time basis as they are handling your calls.

 Online Web Chat 

Customers appreciate the speed and convenience of self-service on the websites of their favorite brands. If they run into difficulty, however, they're inclined to just give up on your online services—or on you. Try our online "Web Chat" for just $10 and see the difference. 

Answer 1st Answering Services bridges the gap between what customers want to do on your website with our Phone Order Taking and what they may have difficulty achieving. Representatives can assist customers by co-browsing web pages or through instant messaging chat sessions, leading customers from a stumbling block to "mission accomplished."

We can also significantly improve representative efficiency by making it easy to manage multiple customer requests simultaneously. And it can reduce the time it takes a representative to help a customer reach resolution.

Find out what it takes to make Answer 1st Call Center a success for your business and your customers.


Whether you run a multi-branched company or a small home-based business, you are in business to make a profit. At Answer 1st  Answering Call Center Services, we realize that our business depends on your success. How you choose to handle customer calls is one of the most important decisions you will make. Be sure that choosing a Call Center will make you money, not steal your profits!

Let us catch the overflow or after hour calls. We offer temporary service (one hour to one month) for business trips, vacations or office parties. We also offer bilingual representatives at no additional charge. All calls are recorded.

Answer 1st Call Center Services is a great source of information:

  • Infomercial Marketers
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Direct Response Sales
  • Infomercial Producers
  • Radio Spot Advertisers

Our suite of answering call center services can accommodate all of your order processing and customer service needs. From basic orders following your own web forms to in depth order taking plus up selling / cross selling, we can provide cost efficient solutions to meet and exceed your business's needs.


Partner with Answer 1st Answering Service and we will handle your inbound answering service needs.

Our representatives are fully trained on your individual requirements and needs. We realize every account is different and each needs a dedicated partner to help extend your reach while ensuring your customers' needs are met.

Other Answering Call Center services may have minimum call volume requirements and charge outrageous programming fees. We do not.


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