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Everyone is searching for low cost call centers. Our goal is to redefine what you expect from a first class telephone call center's service. We provide outstanding people offering exceptional services and then support them with web-enabled, cutting edge technology that enhances their capabilities. 

Answer 1st allows you to work smarter, not harder.  Our Call Center's Services are reasonably priced and have special rates for all business types.  We provide online tracking of your calls and time used so you have more control over your budget. This report is update instantly so you know exactly what is happening every minute.  We have no contracts. 

Accounts are customized around your needs. "Live agent answer" on every call. Your calls are never answered by voicemail. Services also include order taking, appointment scheduling, scripted technical support, and telemarketing, just to name a few.

Our live agent will answer your with your company name and proceed to gather the information you require.  Our flexible call center software allows us to implement a script guiding our agents with appropriate questions and responses.  All messages are saved and emailed, faxed or text directly to you or your agents at no additional cost. Live message delivery also available.  

Answer 1st can handle those large volume accounts with ease. We also have a network of other services, all in the USA. Thanks to our telephone provider, your call can go to first available in less than one ring. This gives you the opportunity to catch every caller and not miss a call.

We can program our system or use your website. If you have live advertising on radio or television, we can handle it.

Call Center Services Include:

  • Live agent service
  • Bilingual agents
  • 24/7 answering
  • Online account access
  • Messages online
  • Reports online
  • All calls recorded
  • Online on-call directory
  • Fax, email and text paged messages
  • Chat for your website
  • Scripted messaging
  • Custom Programming
  • Multiple screens for different departments
  • Call transferring (patching)
  • Toll free numbers
  • Local (to you) phone number
  • Computer generated report (proof of call volume)
  • No contracts
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Free appointment calendar (or we will use your online)
  • Email response
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Web chat
  • Customer service
  • Customer support
  • Technical support
  • Outbound confirmations
  • Outbound follow-up
  • Order taking
  • Credit card processing on your website

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