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Voicemail Messaging


Commercial Automation Voicemail Services


Our professional automated answering service provides you with up to 5 minute greetings with or with out message options and extensions with unlimited messages.  


Our automation answering service gives your caller up to 5 minute messages. This allows plenty of time for your clients to leave more detailed messages when needed.

Your answering services will include notification when a message is left for you. It also includes connections for individual small boxes. We will provide you with automated message delivery that digital pages messages at no additional cost ( text pager connections available).

We offer emergency dispatch to home, cell or pager. Your services can include the features "No Answer Call Forward and Busy Call Forward". Ask us for details.

All this can also can include press -0- options to reach your live answering service for those calls you need to give special attention to.  Caller then can leave a message for you with a live person who will contact you right away.  

Messages can be retrieved by telephone or voice wave to your email. The voice wave option  allows you to listen to both sides of the conversation.

Voice Forms are another option with Answer 1st answering service. A recorded message asks the questions and then records the callers reply.

You can record your personal greeting from any telephone.

  1. You can pick up messages from any telephone.
  2. The automated service can be programmed to notify your cell phone or pager that a message is waiting to be heard.
  3. If needed, this can be programmed to notify more than one cell phone or pager, in the form of ‘cascade notification’.
  4. If you do not want to dial in to listen to messages, this can be programmed to go directly to your email address as an attachment and you can listen to messages on your computer.

 We use automation only when requested.

There are several types of automation answering services available::P 


  • Each live person is responsible for one line.
  • We have tried to design this just like you would setup your own office.
  • This prevents your caller from setting on hold while other message are taken.
  • You can select to have an automated answer if your line rings 2, 3 or 4 rings (your choice) giving you the opportunity to answer first.
  • An auto answer can be recorded by you or we will set it up for you.
  • It can be personalized so it will answer with your company name.
  • It could be an advertisement for your company.


  • This automation can answer the line with your company name and give the caller a choice to press 1 for urgent or emergency type calls. By pressing one, it would go right to a live person who will contact you asap.
  • You can select to have another option, press 2 for administration calls. This could be the type calls that are not urgent or emergencies, like billing or solicitation type calls. This could go to a voicemail box that we provide at no additional cost. This is a great tool for keeping cost down and using the operator for only those calls you don't want to miss.


  • This is a great tool for controlling your service cost. The automation can ask your caller to have their credit card ready to place an order.
  • It can also have a press 2 option if they have question can go to a voicemail that ask them to leave the question on a voicemail so that you can return the call.
  • Press 3 could also be an option for billing or shipping questions.
  •  By using these options, it will reduce the service cost to only taking order for you and help keeping your service cost low.

Do you just need a small voicemail box or a large mailbox with lots of extensions. We have that!

Our voicemail boxes are all commercial boxes. It will give you up to a 4 minute greeting in case you need to leave a long greeting for your caller or special instructions. It will also give you up to a 4 minute message. Your callers can leave you a long message or instructions.

The messages are held until you listen and delete them. You will also have unlimited messaging. No one else offers all this.

Our rates start at $15 or add this to your Answer 1st live answering service account at no charge. Yes, it would be free!

You box will also have the ability to notify your pager or telephone if you have a message.

This box can have its own telephone number that you give to your callers or you can call forward to it.

If you have the answering service in addition to the mailbox, you would also have the ability to offer "press -0- for live service.  


Local and Toll Free Numbers:

We offer local & toll free numbers. Also using features such as toll free number rates as low as $.07 cents per minute.

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