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Do you need a virtual receptionist to take your inbound calls to register people for a seminar, event or class registration, invitations or outbound reminders calls.

Please allow us! We can qualify and register your clients. You provide us with the questions that will qualify the caller. For outbound calls we will need a list of names of those you have a relationship with. We do not do outbound sales.

We can either email or fax you the answers to the questions you want us ask. We can also schedule which location and / or time they want to attend.

As telemarketers we can call to invite existing clients to seminars or classes and call back later to remind them. We can take payments in advance to assure their attendance. A merchant account is required.

If you use a calendar for multiple seminars or classes, we can use your calendar or provide you a calendar free.

We have bilingual agents and can provide Chat with an answering service account for your website to answer questions, take messages and schedule appointments. Let us handle your telemarketing needs.  



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