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Call Center Scripting

Call Center Scripting

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Answer 1st is proud of its new Infinity Software "Intelligent Series". It allows you to work smarter, not harder.

Scripting can be simple or as complex as needed (see examples). 

Answer 1st Answering and Call Center Services  will answer with your company name and customize your account around your needs. "Live Answer" on every call with automation only if you want it.

Intelligent Messages can be set up as simple messages consisting of one message screen, or they can be sophisticated multiple screen messages.

Each screen can have unique inputs. There is no limit to the length of each screen or the number of inputs in a screen.

Branching to screens can be divided by menu choices or can be automated based on what information is entered into certain fields. Today with Intelligent Messaging, this allows the flow of the message to automatically change and (or) re-populate based on the context of the call.                                                                 

Intelligent Messages reduce errors by automatically validating the information entered into a message by an agent.

Validating information ensures that agents enter the correct type of information into each field. This ensures that phone number is entered correctly, credit card numbers, social security numbers etc.. City and state/province are automatically filled in based on postal codes, and more.

Our screens can include graphic images of your products or services when taking orders or customer service. This allows visual information to be displayed.

Intelligent Info Pages can be setup to display a web page. We can place an order for a caller directly to your site. Displaying a web page allows us to view on-line information on a real-time basis as we are handling your calls. We can provide you with "Web Chat" for your website, answering questions and walking your caller through the order processing or scheduling your appointments.  

Let us custom program your account around your needs. We have professional programmers in house that can script your account.

We can handle those large volume accounts with ease. We can also custom a script to help with your customer service or just custom your account for simple messaging, call screening, order taking. We will work hand in hand with you to get the results you need to operate your business.

You can use our programmers to script your surveys and help desk account.

You think up the scenario you want and we can program your account to make it happen.  

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