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Answer 1st Satisfaction is Guaranteed


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed

Answer 1st Call Center Answering Service has been providing impeccable customer service and personalized communications service since 1975.

How you choose to handle customer calls is one of the most important decisions you will make. Our friendly and professional staff will provide your clients with the individual attention they deserve.

Our answering service and call center have no contracts that tie you to an expense you can not afford. We offer easy setup with no credit checks. 

We will answer with your company name and customize your account around your needs. A live person answers on every call with automation only when you want it.  

Live Answering Service / Call Center 24/7

Nothing to lose but your frustrations

Contact us if you have questions

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Call today 800-770-4194 or email sales@answer1st.com


On-line Report Generator: With your On-line Report Generator, you can go on-line and see a report of all the activity on your account. You can put in any date range. You will see date and time call came in, caller ID, initials of the operator who took the call and time the call took. It is a great tool for helping you control you clients calls and you cost at the service.

 We Guarantee, if you are unhappy with the service, you may cancel your account by emailing your sales person or faxing to 214-739-9672. Please state the reason you are unhappy and wish to cancel, with no other notice needed.  You will only pay for the services you used. After the first 30 days, we ask you give us 30 day written notice.

Your satisfaction is our number #1 concern. We are always happy to work with you no matter what the situation. Just call or email your needs and we will always work hard to make it happen.

We don't think there is another service that has a"Satisfaction Guarantee" page on their website like we do. It is very important to us. If we can do it, we will. If we can't we will tell you. Check out our Testimonial Page and see what our clients have said about us, including our customer service.