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Our state-of-the-art Call Center technology is a leader in the industry. We employ a never-fail backup system which means no down time.  This, coupled with our UPS (uninterrupted power supply including 100% digital technology, guarantees the up-time of our entire network. Our clients depend on our technology for their business to function properly, so we have taken great steps to ensure the redundancy of our entire network. We go beyond the technical expectations of the call center industry to provide our clients with the most state-of-the-art technology. 

Servers: Answer 1st has a total of eleven servers utilizing Microsoft Windows 2003 Server software. All servers are backed up daily, with backups stored both in a fireproof safe as well as taken off site.

Internet Connectivity:  American Telesystem products have won awards from Call Center Magazine, including "Product of the Year". Integrated into the switch is an automatic call distribution system which provides us screen pop architecture giving our agents individual account information,based on each customer’s account.  

 Switch:  Answer 1st has a Double Wan Router feeding redundant Internet connections to all computers. Two separate ISP’s are utilized for additional redundancy. In addition, we have full firewall and anti-virus protection on all servers and computers insuring your information is safe.  

T1’s:  Answer 1st has a total of 5 T1’s, four of which provide Telco service and one which provides VOIP service.  

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