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Municipalities and Government Call Center Services

 Municipalities and Government Offices

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Answer 1st  Answering Call Center Service take calls for many Municipalities large and small.  We are familiar with the different departments and how their needs are different.  Our Call Center prices start at $25.  There are no contracts and we record all calls.

We will divide your account up so that each department has its own set of instructions and on-call list such as water, streets, parks, animal control and individual offices.  Each department will have its own set of questions and its own set of instructions with a separate list of on-call persons. We cover everything from a virtual receptionist , appointment scheduling to emergency dispatch.

We will contact your on-call persons by telephone or text page. Answer 1st has the ability to text page the message and they can reply by text page with just "ok", so that we know they have the message and there is no need to escalate the call any further.  You can also set a back-up person in case the on-call person is already tied up or doesn’t respond to our calls. 

Our answering call center services will follow-up with an email or fax of each call to the office so you will know what happen on that shift.  We can also send your information in a comma or tab delimited file so you can down load it daily onto an excel spread sheet for a daily record of the problems that came up after hours. No additional charge for bilingual agent.


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