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Call Center Emergency Dispatch


 Emergency Calls and Dispatch

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Emergencies can come at any hour of the day. Critical client / patient's issues happen when you are away from the office too.  Your efficient handling of these calls is crucial and could mean life or death. 

  • Bilingual Services
  • All Calls are Recorded
  • No Charge Text Paging
  • No Charge for Reply to Text
  • No Charge Email or Fax 
  • Follow-up Calls                                                                  
  • Service Industry Dispatch
  • Medical Doctor Dispatch
  • Internet On-Call Scheduler
  • Chat for your website

Have you ever had an answering service contact the wrong on-call person or not get your schedule changed in time? We have to solution. 

We have a calendar scheduler on-line. When you want to change someone on-call, just log on and change the person and time.

Do you like to make your calendars a year in advance? This will work for you! Do you sometimes have changes at the last minute? This too will work!

We see the changes immediately and never contact the wrong person.  

Critical or urgent calls require specific call handling experts and expertise to deliver information fast and accurately. Answer 1st Answering Service is here to help!

                                Answer 1st Emergency Dispatch Client                      

  Let us be your receptionist during the day and your answering service nights and weekends, catching those calls that come in after you have left the office. You will be amazed how many calls you have missed if no one is answering your telephone after you have left. 

Even with a message recorder, you will miss calls. Many people will hang-up on recorders and go on to the next business until they get live-answer, even if they know it is an answering service. They know you will be contacted if urgent or will get the message and return the call soon. All this with prices starting at $25.00. 

Live Answering Service / Call Center 24/7

Nothing to lose but your frustrations

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