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Attorneys Call Center and Telephone Answering Services

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Discover why Answer 1st takes more calls for Attorneys / Lawyers than any other service.  We understand the needs of your type of practice.  We have experience with all the different specialties and can provide solutions to your needs. No additional charge for bilingual agent.

Criminal / Accident / Injury:  Most attorneys in this field want their calls right away.  We can contact you by telephone and patch the caller to you or text page as soon as the call comes in. If you prefer after hours we can hold the call until the next day.  You tell us how you want to be contacted and what hours. We can follow a script for those jail calls so we are not calling you in the middle of the night if there is nothing you can do until the next day. These calls can be scripted to satisfy the caller.

Civil, Divorce and Family Law:  Do you find you have hang-up calls on your recorder when you come in the office.  Many people will call around until they get a live voice.  They are usually mad or scared. Let us stop this caller right there so they don’t call anyone else.  We can take their information and assure them someone will get back with them as soon as they receive the message, return to the office or get out of court. 

Insurance Law:  We can complete questionnaires or forms related to the type of insurance claim, including health insurance claims, auto accident claims, workman’s comp claims, insurance disputes involving unfair claims, disability insurance, professional liability coverage, ERISA and much more.

Answer 1st can be your receptionist during the day and your answering service at night, relaying such information as your office hours, prices or assurance we can contact you now when needed.  We can schedule your appointments.  We can provide you with an online calendar you can view it 24 hours a day or we can use yours.  We can text page you with any new appointments, changes or cancellations.  You can be contacted by telephone, text page, email or fax with your calls. 

  • Let us do all the work
  • No pressure sales
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees.  

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