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Appointments Scheduling and Registration



Appointment Scheduling & Registration

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Let us schedule your appointments or register your guest. Your virtual receptionist can handle your telephones, appointments and messages or transfer live (patch) the caller directly to your line or cell phone when instructed.

It is very expensive opening a new office or adding an employee. Let our Receptionist handle these calls for you.  

Allow us to setup your appointments. If you need a calendar we use the "Free" calendar that Google provides online or we can train our agents to use your online calendar. We could also take the callers information in our equipment.

Included in our Intelligent Services Software is the ability to access web-based calendars that you and the live agent can view in live time.  We schedule appointments or schedule for seminars.  We can also access your CRM for accurate customer service.

If you want to use the Google Calendar, you setup the calendar and include us as a user. You and us can view and add appointments.


We will send you notice by email or text page of a bookings, a change to your schedule or a cancellation so you are always up to date.  You can view your calendar in Google over your cell phone. No additional charge for a bilingual agent. 


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