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Price vs Value

In surveys we have found that people say that price ranks only the sixth most important consideration.  We have found that clients start out price-conscious but end up becoming value conscious.

Value is the emotional combination of price, quality and service. We not only offer features but benefits too. Too many times we hear that a person has gone with another company because of price.  If you are shopping for price alone, you will be vulnerable to those services who don’t tell you how they calculate your time used or call volume. 

Answer 1st Answering Services Answer 1stis far from being the highest price service out there but we are not the cheapest either.  We try to offer a reasonable price, good value and the best benefits. 

Staffing is the most expensive part of our business.  Staffing enough agents so that your callers do not go on hold is not cheap. 

Answer 1st Answering Services This is the first place most Call Centers / Answering Services cut their cost in order to give you that cheap sounding price.   If you don’t mind your customers setting on hold, than I would save that $5 and go with the cheapest service.  If you don’t mind paying full price for those recordings or that person that dialed the wrong number, than I suggest you go with the services that charges you by the call and if you don’t mind paying for the time your caller sits on hold while the agent answers other lines, than another service maybe best for you.

Answer 1sthas been in business since 1976.  We offer great service for a fair price and above all are honest with you about our charges.  We have no contracts but do provide a service agreement so that you can see upfront what you are being charged.  We don’t like surprises any more than you do and try to make our service the best experience you will find.  Give us a chance to prove that to you today.  Email or call me today at 800-770-4194.